10 Vegan makeup brands for a cleaner earth and healthier skin

10 Vegan makeup brands for a cleaner earth and healthier skin

August 25th, 2021 | by

From wearing eco-friendly clothing to consuming organic food, tending to the Earth has become a  norm at every front in our life. And rightly so, given the damage it has had to suffer due to our actions. And if we’re really righting wrongs and making up for all the havoc we’ve intentionally or unintentionally wreaked, why not extend the same thought process to picking our makeup?

We’re in for a win-win here because switching to vegan makeup is not just good for the planet but for your skin too. Devoid of animal products, bi-products and harmful chemicals; they come with health benefits that make it worth the switch. Replete with natural sources of nourishment derived from plants and minerals – they carry gentle formulas and are a boon for sensitive skin.

On board with vegan beauty? So are we, so much so that we curated a list of the best vegan makeup brands for you to get your hands on to start your conscious beauty journey today!

1. Ruby Organics

Featuring natural and organically sourced ingredients, Ruby Organics is India’s first vegan makeup brand. Besides being made from natural ingredients, their products carry bio-active ingredients that are extremely beneficial for the skin. Their extensive shade range in eyeshadows makes their products all the more covetable.

2. Daughter Earth

Known for their highly pigmented lip and cheek tints containing natural ingredients like Shea, Almond, Moringa, and Candelilla; they’re one of the few Indian brands to have made a mark in the conscious beauty segment. A beautiful blend of biochemistry and Ayurveda form their products. Their latest red tints come with Red Algae to provide a vibrant pop of colour.

3. Earth Rhythm

With ingredients painstakingly handpicked to retain their natural potency, Earth Rhythm ensures its products are developed in a plastic-free, zero-waste and non-toxic manner throughout their life cycle. One of the best bets in eco-friendly skincare, the brand’s most talked about products are their SPF loaded lip tints. Highly pigmented and laden with SPF 30, the shea butter and almond oil in them provide day-long nourishment.

4. Ilana Organics

Having lived the painful experience of scouring for clean beauty products, the founders of Ilana Organics ensure that their brand is ethical, cruelty-free and transparent about its ingredients and processes. One of their signature products is the Ilana Beet Tint, a vibrant red lip and cheek stain that glides like butter onto your skin, while being devoid of harmful chemicals.

5. Just Herbs

With vegan and PETA-approved lipsticks and skin tints, Just Herbs features makeup that tends to your skin and the environment. Crafted from certified organic ingredients, their products are a boon to sensitive skin. Fortified with cow ghee and organic beeswax, their herb-enriched lipsticks are pigmented, lightweight and come in an extensive palette to suit every skin tone.

6. Alanna

As India’s First Specialized Lip Care Brand, Alanna urges its consumers to tend to the most overlooked part of their skincare routines – lipcare. Concocted from the finest, exotic butters and delicious flavours; their products are dermatologically approved, cruelty-free and vegan.

7. Disguise Cosmetics

Breaking convention on two fronts, Disguise Cosmetics is India’s first 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand that goes on to challenge traditional notions of beauty. With Lipsticks enriched with avocado and marula oil, and smooth buttery eyeshadows devoid of talc and harmful chemicals, Disguise creates makeup that truly benefits your skin.

8. Soul Tree

Being the first brand in India to offer European certified makeup, Soul Tree boasts  a product range that is entirely natural. Concocted with naturally sourced ingredients and Ayurvedic recipes, Soul Tree’s range of products suit almost every skin type. Ideal for Indian skin tones, their lip glosses are non-sticky and lightweight. Packed with nourishment from natural sources, they provide hydration all day long.

9. Kiro Clean Beauty

Featuring high-impact colours and luxurious textures, Clean Beauty’s products are fortified with natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, Shea butter, vitamin C and mango seed oil. 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, their product range is devoid of any harmful chemicals, making them blissful for your skin.

10. Asa Beauty

Founded by veganism advocates Asha Jindal Khaitan and her daughter-in-law Sukriti Jindal Khaitan, Asa Beauty started in 2021 with an aim to build a full-fledged clean beauty brand. Featuring reusable and refillable makeup such as lipsticks, concealers and mascaras; the brand takes a mammoth leap towards being sustainable. Their packaging, made from 99% percent recyclable aluminium too, ensures a cleaner environment.


While making the switch to vegan beauty brands might seem like a big leap, the greatest leaps always begin with the smallest steps.  When you pick a product from a brand that’s cruelty-free and eco-friendly, you mark the beginning of a journey towards a cleaner environment – a  journey that brings with it two-fold benefits, that to Mother Earth and to your well-being.

Supriya Jain