Making Your Christmas Merrier with Classic Makeup Tutorials

Making Your Christmas Merrier with Classic Makeup Tutorials

December 9th, 2021 | by

‘Tis the season to be jolly, sparkly, and glittery – yes, we’re talking about your Christmas makeup looks, of course!’ Gather ye palettes of reds and greens because we are getting down to some serious fun work for your Xmas looks. We here at BoldLyfe love a 5-minute makeup look, but we will admit – we’re craving for something much more festive and glamorous now, especially after rocking the minimal makeup look every day as we worked from home the past year.

If you’re feeling daunted by the thought of dusting off your colourful eyeshadow palettes and start playing with sparkly eyeliner again, sit back while we find you your muse. To give you a little bit of inspiration, our editors have put together their favourite Xmas makeup tutorials for this year, perfect for every kind of makeup lover.

So, whether you like to stick to a classic Christmas makeup look à la Marilyn Monroe, or really get into the Christmas spirit and paint literal candy canes on your face, there is a tutorial out there for you.

1. Wine not?

Kaushal, formerly known on YouTube as Kaushal Beauty, has a Christmas makeup look up her sleeve that is guaranteed to turn heads this season. An easy drugstore look, it incorporates a trend that we are seeing all over the runways right now, which is dark, vampy lipstick, inspired by the nineties. Her makeup tutorial is an unexpected take on a traditional Christmas makeup look, thanks to the choice of the wine lipstick shade instead of the red.

If you want to rock a bold lip like hers, we suggest using a lip liner to define the outline of your lips beforehand. This will lead to a seamless lipstick application, and make sure that the colour doesn’t bleed as you munch on Christmas treats all night long.

2. Red-dy to Rock

Are you ready to bring out your inner Marilyn Monroe? Look no further, as OG Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill shows you a fifties-inspired Christmas makeup look. She also adds a unique twist to the look with a glittery under-liner and dewy, highlighted skin, instead of a matte base. So, if you’re planning on taking a bunch of pro-looking makeup pictures for the ‘gram, this is the look for you!

3. Yes, you can(e)!

One of the best parts about Christmas is the candies and treats that are passed around the table. Now, if you love them as much as we do, why not get inspired and draw some on your face? In this tutorial, New Zealand YouTuber Shaaanxo shows us her take on a Christmas-themed eye look, with a colourful candy cane style eyeliner (and we are awe-inspired!). If you are someone who likes to have fun with makeup and wants to challenge themselves for a unique look this year, you definitely need to give this makeup tutorial for Christmas a try.

PS: We suggest resting your elbow on a flat surface like a desk when doing your eyeliner for a steady hand.

4. The art, the artist

If you spend your free time studying anyone and anything you can and translating it into your sketchbook, we have a fun holiday look that will transform your face into a new canvas. Grab em’ brushes and bold colours because we are turning you into artists. This definitely isn’t your typical Christmas makeup look, and you’re going to have to really commit to it. But isn’t the outcome just so gorgeous?

So, this Christmas, if you want all the drama to be on your face (and not at your family dinner table!), get ready to try this look that incorporates pro makeup artist techniques like cutting your crease with concealer, applying false lashes, doing a sharp contour, painting candy canes and drawing not-so-fake freckles onto your skin.

5. Make it pop

Who knew that such a small pop of colour in the inner corners of your eyes could have such a dramatic effect? Beauty YouTuber Aylin shows you how to make the most of this technique, and creates a Christmas look ideal for those who just don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror.

Sometimes you’re just feeling lazy, and we totally get that! On most days, we bet that a lot of us would trade in the 15 minutes spent in front of the makeup mirror for an extra 15 minutes of sleep instead. So, if you are a part of that squad, say aye and let’s get onto this easy Christmas makeup look that is JUST for you.

6. Ready to sleigh…. Err, slay!

If red is not your colour, or you are just not feeling a red lip this season, not to worry! You can always fall back on this soft glam, bronzy makeup look that is still festive without screaming ‘Christmas!’ with red and green all over your lids. Belle Jorden shows us how to (literally) add the spark to your makeup look with glittery eyes, a dramatic wing, and lots of highlight. Who said brown was boring?

7. Double the colour

We’ve all heard that one makeup rule that pro makeup artists stick to – wear a bold colour only on your lips, or your eyes. Never together! Well, we here at BoldLyfe believe that rules are meant to be broken, and that makeup really has no rules. Especially when the results are so striking!

So, get inspired by this tutorial, where the artist shows us how to wear a green eye and a red lip together, in a way that looks oh-so-harmonious! Not only that, she takes it to the next level by turning her matte lip into a glittery one, too! Now that’s a rebellious makeup move we can get behind.

So, which party makeup look made you scream “THIS IS SO ME!”? Tell us what you will be trying this year and making your Christmas merrier.


Remember, makeup is supposed to be fun and, in fact, something that can help you de-stress as well. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get these tutorials ‘just right’. Feel free to add your own unique twist to these looks and who knows you’d have created some magic yourself! If you’re a little rusty with your eyeliner or contouring techniques, try practising them in front of the mirror at night before you wash your face. We’re always learning, so it’s important to keep that in mind! Merry Christmas, y’all!

Khanak Mehta