Your FULL bride guide to choosing makeup looks that match your style

Your FULL bride guide to choosing makeup looks that match your style

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Hey there, beautiful brides-to-be! We know how hectic things can get with your D day inching closer – the trials, tasting, tight schedules! The jitters that come with having to do a zillion things is real! But the last thing we want you to worry about is your bridal makeup.

Because believe it or not, we’ve done your homework for you and prepared a full-blown Indian bridal makeup guide that covers all your functions! So, you have one (major) thing you can tick off your never-ending bridal to-do list, because hun, as always, we’ve got your back! 

The process of zeroing down on your Indian bridal makeup look can be daunting. After all, there are so many trends and styles out there, you can  get easily confused as to what you should pick for your wedding makeup look. But fret not, we’ve got you covered with all the different types of bridal makeup you can go for according to your personality. 

While choosing your look, you need to keep in mind the right kind of makeup for your face shape. Once that is out of the way, it becomes easier to select the kind of eyes you’d like to go for, the way you want your skin to look and feel, the lipstick shade you should opt for etc.

Remember: Stay true to your identity and do not get swayed by trends. After all, it is your big day and while you’re bound to shine as the showstopper, it’s also equally important to feel comfortable. Makeup should feel like second skin on your face – not too OTT yet just glam enough to give you that wow factor. 

Beauty Looks For Bridal Makeup 

According to your personality and personal style, pick from these different beauty trends for your wedding makeup look. Remember, no matter which look you opt for, your natural bridal glow will hands down steal the show! 

1. Deep Kohled Eyes

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘let your eyes do the talking’. If you’re someone who believes your eyes can make hearts (and the show) stop, then you definitely need to add some drama to your eyes. One sure shot way of doing so is going heavy on the kohl.

You could even go thick on your liner, to outline your eyes and really make them stand out. Now, black is your safest bet but you could even opt for coloured kohl such as blue, gray or green and give it a smokey effect. Amp up your mascara game for added effect. The idea is to keep it simple all over the face and go all out on the eyes.

2. Minimal Monotone

Subtle yet glowing skin is every bride’s dream and if you’re looking for natural bridal makeup for your big day, this is most definitely the look you should be going for. Ideal for the demure bride, this look will enhance your features and complexion tenfold.

Opt for a matte effect that lets you flaunt your clear skin and use monotone palettes and shades for the eyes, cheeks and lips to give you that delicate look. This look doesn’t steal away from your jewelry and outfit, so it works best if you’re going for heavy designerwear. 

3. Soft Nude Lips

While traditional Indian bridal makeup looks comprise bright and bold lips to complement the lehenga, the trend in the past few years has been to go soft on the lips and opt for a nude palette. This ensures your overall makeup remains subtle and lets your natural beauty shine through.

You could pick from a wide array of pinks, browns and even peach as your preferred choice of lipstick shade. The beauty of these shades is that no matter the colour of your outfit, it matches perfectly with everything! 

4. Smudged Matte Lips 

The perfect lipstick shade for your Indian bridal makeup look is the one you feel comfortable and confident wearing. If you’ve opted for a traditional red bridal lehenga or saree, you’d normally want to go for a red lipstick to complement your outfit or something in a dark, berry shade.

But you don’t have to. Shades of pink go perfectly well with a red outfit. Whatever you decide on, choose from matte shades that last longer and experiment with techniques. Line your lips with a similar shade and lightly sweep the lipstick across your lips, for a slightly brushed and natural effect. 

5. Eyebrows on Fleek

Glam elements are a given for every Indian bridal makeup look -the shimmer, shine all things fine. But one thing that most people tend to overlook – that usually ends up tying the whole look together perfectly well – is the eyebrows. Yes, it’s important to focus on your brows and tame them well.

You could go for sleek, brushed brows that give your wedding makeup look a neat finish. Use a brow pen to line, fill, and shape your brows well. Next, apply a brow gel to keep the hair intact. Your brows may be the last thing you’re worried about but trust us when we say this – it’ll make a hell of a difference to your Indian bridal makeup look.

6. Elongated Liner

If you enjoy a bit of quirk and are open to experimenting with your Indian bridal makeup look, we’ve got the perfect trick. Instead of going for the traditional liner, have a bit of fun and opt for an elongated wing. Ensure the ends of the liner remain pointy, to add to the drama.

This look will make your eyes stand out and is capable of single handedly pulling your entire look together. For all the filmy brides out there, this makeup look is a must-try. While it’s bold and confident, it gives your makeup that edge while not entirely taking away from your overall look. This one sure breaks the conventionality.

7. Exaggerated Eyelashes

The eyes play a major role in every Indian bridal makeup look – and it’s a fact. Because the bride’s happiness lies in her eyes! If you want to go subtle on your eye makeup without all the glitter weighing it down – after all, it’s also important to be comfortable – the best way to enhance your eyes is using fake lashes.

While mascara does its job of volumising your lashes, a pair of glue-on lashes could really uplift them and give your eyes a whole new look. Try it for yourself and tell us you don’t see a difference! 

8. Natural Flush

A blushing bride is every photographer’s dream – the hearty smile that radiates joy in the candid pictures says it all! If you want to accentuate your cheeks, opt for a blush that gives it a rosy look. To enhance it further, you could even go for a highlighter or strobe cream on the high points of your face such as your cheekbones, jawline, bridge of your nose, chin, and even inner corner of your eyes. The naturally flushed cheeks will double up the ‘cute bride’ factor and complement the rest of your makeup beautifully. 

9. Feathered Brows

Yes, we know we said well groomed eyebrows tie the whole look together, but if you’re a bride who prefers an au naturel look, read on. Another way to do your eyebrows for your Indian bridal makeup look is to keep them looking natural.

Unkempt and feathered brows have been a huge runway beauty favourite among several designers since the past few seasons. And going by celebrity bridal makeup looks, the trend is here to stay. Go soft on the face with minimal matte makeup, subtle shimmery eyes, smudged liner, and nude lips to complete your wedding look. There’s nothing more sexy than being you, so keep it that way on your big day too! 

10. Bright Red Lips

When it comes to your bridal makeup look, there’s only one statement you should aim for. What would it be – your eyes, cheeks, or lips? If you’re someone who adores bold lips, your wedding day should reflect the same. Opt for a bright red lip or a deep berry hue and keep the rest of your makeup subtle.

Go for monotone shades for the eyes and skin, while your lips steal the show. If you’re a lipstick girl from the beginning, it’s either go big or go home. You wouldn’t have it any other way, would you? 

11. Shimmery Eyes

If a complete bridal glow is something you seek, shimmer is your best friend. But remember, don’t go overboard. You want to retain a soft and dewy look that enhances your features, giving your face a natural glow. Use moisturising products that also nourish your skin such as highlighter and cream blush.

Blend your foundation and concealer really well – give this step some time so that it evens out your skin tone and pulls the rest of your makeup look together, effortlessly. 

12. Smokey Eyes

A classic smokey eye can never go wrong and gives you that desired glam bridal makeup look. To achieve the look, apply an eye primer and blend two shades of eyeshadow well on your lids. While it adds drama to your eyes, give your features a sharp finish by contouring well. Define your cheekbones and jawlines such that they could be used to grate cheese! As for the lips, go for a nude shade so it doesn’t take the focus away from your smouldering eyes. 

13. Rose Gold Eyes

This is another popular shade – not only among your Apple products – but also for brides for their Indian bridal makeup look. A rose gold eyeshadow is the perfect balance between super shimmery glitter lids and monotone, no shine shades.

This shade makes your eyes pop and gives it a subtle glow like none other. With this shade, you could go for a defined winged liner or a smudged liner, according to your preference. A hint of blush and a pink lip would complement rose gold eyeshadow really well. 

Wedding Bridal Looks For Different Occasions 

Here’s some inspiration for different wedding occasions that you could consider for your Indian bridal makeup look. 

1. Traditional Wedding Makeup  

There’s nothing that can beat a traditional bridal makeup look. This look speaks volumes of your personality as a shy and fuss-free bride who wants nothing more than an intimate ceremony and for things to go well. Your inner bridal glow will outshine your makeup no matter what so you can rest assured that this look is definitely something you can pull off on your big day.

If you want to go simple and traditional, opt for this look with shimmer eyeshadow, monotone skin and deep red lips. A hint of blush will suffice to encompass your look and give you the ‘coy bride’ image. Apply a small round bindi on your forehead to complete the makeup look and you’re good to go! 

2. Haldi Function Makeup 

Every bride knows what she wants for her wedding makeup look, but for your Haldi function, there’s only so much you can do. Since your face (and the rest of your body) is going to be smeared with yellow paste, you’re going to want to keep your makeup look simple and minimal.

Opt for a waterproof liner that’s smudge-free and stays put for long. Also, go for a dewy and sunkissed look since the function will be held during the day and you need to ensure to keep your skin hydrated. Lastly, just swipe on some nude lipstick to complete your look. Let your radiating happiness be the warm makeup look for the day.

3. Mehendi Makeup Look

Contrary to going green for your mehendi look, you’d want to highlight the green of henna on your hands for the pictures, and keep your makeup minimal. You could opt for a smokey eye in earthy shades and a similar rustic shade of lipstick.

As for your skin, go for a sunkissed look by applying bronzer on your cheekbones to give it a subtle shimmer. Don’t forget the CTM routine to keep your skin feeling hydrated and fresh and the primer that enables your makeup to stay put throughout the function. 

4. Sangeet Makeup Look

This is one of the functions that the entire wedding squad looks forward to, the most – given the hours of dance prep and the DJ that plays only your favourite songs. It’s truly a night of sheer cheer and that should reflect on your makeup too. For your sangeet look, you can afford to experiment with bold hues – either a shimmery eyeshadow that matches the colour of your outfit or a coloured liner.

You could also go for a deep lipstick as long as it complements your eyes. Apply a matte finish foundation on your skin which gives perfect coverage and evens out your skin tone. Lastly, ensure you use sweat-proof products since you’ll probably be the last to leave the dance floor. 

5. Cocktail Makeup Look

Usually the last out of all your wedding functions, the cocktail party is where you can really let your hair down and begin celebrating your married life! Bring on the shimmery eyeshadow, highlighted cheeks and nude lips for a fun night of merriment.

You don’t have to worry about rituals or traditions, so let your makeup define your personality. The trick is to either play up the eyes or the lips, both of which could single handedly elevate your cocktail makeup look, making you shine through the night in your glam outfit. 


We hope this guide of wedding makeup looks gives you a clear picture of what you could go for, that would match your personal style best. If you have references of what you like and how you picture your wedding makeup to look, it makes your makeup artists’ job a whole lot easier. At the end, what matters most is how effortlessly you pull it off. Just do your homework and research and leave the rest to the pros to handle. Remember: Get your makeup trials a few days before the wedding. It leaves you with enough time to switch things up if a look doesn’t work as expected. So, which of these looks are you going to try for your big day? Don’t forget to share your looks with us! 

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