“Not like your other brides”. Unique hair looks for your big day.

“Not like your other brides”. Unique hair looks for your big day.

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We are looking at all you beautiful brides-to-be. Raise your hands if you agree – the one to-do list that has no end in sight, is the wedding to-do list. From booking your dream make-up artist, to curating a wedding menu that all your friends will love, it’s safe to say that there is a lot that goes on behind pulling off a fairytale wedding.

In between all the running around and trials, you are endlessly scrolling through different bridal looks to get you the extra attention that you deserve on your big day. And why wouldn’t you!

After all, this is one of the few special times in your life where everyone will come together to celebrate you and your partner’s love, and all eyes (and cameras!) will just be on you! We are here to get you paparazzi ready.

A key part of your bridal look is your hair. Between the make-up and the outfit, your bridal hairstyle can often end up being just a finishing touch to your look, rather than an integral part of it.

Traditionally, Indian brides have played it safe with a bun along with jewellery and flowers to adorn it, but modern brides are willing to step outside of their comfort zones and be much more experimental.

The idea is to look as unique, and for your look to be as awe-inspiring as possible. Bridal hair doesn’t have to be boring – in fact, it can even end up being the most interesting part of your look!

So, here are some unique Indian bridal hairstyles you can consider trying out for a look that’s truly ‘you’.

1. Bun it up

Bun it up
Source – Shadiwish

Now, we know that we just said that you should be experimenting with your bridal hair look. But, there is something to be said about elevating a classic and moulding it to suit your personality. Case in point: ask your stylist for ideas on how you can personalise a traditional bridal bun.

We suggest adorning it with flowers that match the colour of your dress, accessorising it with more modern headgear, or adding a literal twist to your bun with twists in your plait. No more vanilla buns!

2. Let it flow

Let it flow
Source – Indianweddingsite

If you are someone who loves their long strands and spends hours at the salon keeping them healthy and hydrated, why hide them on your big day? Let your crowning glory flow! Choose to skip the traditional bun, and leave your hair open.

This gives you a lot of room to experiment with bouncy curls or silky straight locks, and you can even get a haircut or colour right before your wedding to ensure that your new hair frames your face and suits your outfit just right. You may also experiment with a middle or side part.

Since your hair will be open, it’s best to keep the accessories to a minimum. We suggest sticking to a small maang tikka and choosing heavier earrings and necklaces instead.

3. Braids with a twist

Braids with a twist

Let’s just start by saying we cannot get enough of how beautiful this look is! A gorgeous spin to another traditional Indian bridal hairstyle that many love. Now, we know that you’re always up for an experiment, so why not add a twist to a simple braid and do a bubble braid instead?

As the name suggests, the hair is first tied into a low ponytail or a loose fish braid and sectioned off into equal parts. Those individual parts are then teased and puffed up to resemble bubbles. Add some flowers or mini clips to complete the look, and voila! You have a bridal look that will truly set you apart.

PS: This look, in particular, is super Instagram-able as well!

4. No dupatta, no problem

No dupatta, no problem
Source – Brides

For many women, dupattas are an integral part of their overall wedding hairstyles. However, if you choose to skip the dupatta, you can actually play around with your hair a lot more. For example, you can try a half up do and create a small puff at the crown of your head.

If you aren’t anti heating tools, perming can do great wonders here! This will add lots of volume to your locks and you’ll have everyone guessing if that’s your hair or just some really incredible extensions! If you have a round face, you can also take this opportunity to frame your face by styling the shorter layers in the front.

Now this is one Indian bridal hairstyle with a front look, perfect for your reception or main event.  

5. Flower power

Flower power
Source – Thecrimsonbride

Now this style, in particular, is for all of our south Indian brides. We know that you love adding fresh flowers to your hair, so why not make them the main attraction rather than just an accessory? Speak to your stylist, and ask them to arrange fresh flowers on your hair in such a manner that they cover it or shape it.

This is also a really easy way to fake lots of volume, and take your bridal look to the next level. Make sure that the colours of the flowers are in line with your outfit – they should either be matching or creating a beautiful contrast.

In case you would like a contrast, we highly suggest setting up a meeting between your dress designer and your hairstylist to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Planning is key to acing your look on the main day.

6. À la Française

À la Française

Take some inspiration from French beauties, and do as they do. For your wedding hairstyle, what is chicer than a chignon? In this style, the hair is simply tied into a knot at the nape of the neck or at the back of the head.

This gets all the hair away from your face, giving everyone a chance to marvel at your make-up. It also ensures that you aren’t busy fixing your hair all day and night long – rather, you can enjoy the festivities fuss-free. A fresh cut or colour can add a lot of texture to such a look. 

By the way, the popular French hairstyle has recently been making a comeback, so you’ll be sure to be on the bandwagon as well.

7. All about the length

All about the length
Source – Wedmegood

If you really love flowers – and we mean really, really love flowers – you can even choose to put them in place of your dupatta! Get your favourite flowers strung together on long strings, and ask your stylist to attach them around your crown and have them cascade down your shoulders like a waterfall.

Looks just as dreamy as it sounds, yes! This is definitely a very unique style, and a very innovative way of incorporating flowers into your wedding look. Just keep in mind that this will require maintenance throughout the festivities, so it’s best to ask your hair artist to stay back for any touch-ups.

It is also generally a good idea to keep hair pins handy in case something comes off.

8. Side to side

Side to side

If you are someone who likes to frame their face with a side part, let’s elevate a traditional braid and turn it into a side braid. This style is a great, modern take on a traditional front bridal hairstyle.

If you are also planning on wearing a larger number of hair accessories, this is a great way to give them some visibility. Instead of hiding them in the back behind your dupatta, you can show them off to everyone! Just be careful about the hair getting caught in your earrings, if you are wearing longer, heavy ones.

That’s one tangle no one wants to get into, on their wedding day.

9. Clip it in

Clip it in
Source – Wedmegood

Many brides like to accessorise their hair with colourful clips that boast heavy designs. It’s actually a great way to keep it light yet lit! Pick up this trend and add your own unique twist to it.

Use your flowers to create the shape of a clip instead! It gives a very interesting visual look, because it feels as if the flowers are holding up your hair – however, they are just a clever (and cheeky!) way of covering up the hundreds of bobby pins that are keeping your style in place.

10. Feeling fishy

Feeling fishy
Source – Dulhaniya

…not literally! But, a fishtail bun is a great option, especially when you are having a summer wedding. Not only does it keep the hair out of your face (and keep you feeling cool in the scorching heat), but is also incredibly feminine.

You can personalise the style by tying your bun to the side or increasing or decreasing the volume in your braid. Remember, it’s all about what makes you feel beautiful and look good.

11. Heady headbands

Heady headbands
Source – Weddingsutra

We know when you read the word ‘headbands’, you think of everyone’s favourite Gossip Girl character, Blair Waldorf. Many of us associate headbands with her Queen Bee look for school, but you don’t need to leave them behind in your teenage years! If you are someone who is thinking of rocking their long, sleek and straight hair on their big day, you should definitely consider choosing an ethnic headband or similar headgear to accessorise it. Make sure to choose one that has colours or accents that complement your main outfit.

Bonus: this accessory also keeps your hair and little flyaways out of your face, so you can dance on your big day without a care!

12. Feeling romantic

Feeling romantic
Source – Shaadidukaan

Quick, close your eyes and think about a romantic beauty look. We can surely bet that soft, beachy waves popped into your head almost immediately!

There is a reason that wavy hair is associated with romance – it is a subtle and feminine look that feels effortlessly chic at the same time. It is up to you to keep your waves tighter or looser, but we recommend going with looser waves for your big day. It will add a softer touch to your entire look and won’t unravel throughout the day.

13. Tango with textures

Tango with textures
Source – Dulhaniyaa

If you want to up the experimentation factor, try adding volume to your bridal hair look by mixing different textures. We promise you, it will result in something truly unique!

Pick a hair type you like, and then add in a style. For example, curly hair with half of it braided and set, is an unexpected look that will have your guests gushing over your style. Many Indian brides also default to straightening their curly locks for their big day, but here at BoldLyfe, we believe in embracing our natural beauty and owning it!

PS: If you haven’t already, build a hair routine with curly girl approved products. It’ll take a bit for you to get used to this switch in your regimen, but the results are totally worth it!

14. Mane and tail

Mane and tail

If you’re more of a minimalistic bride – think intimate functions, pared-down outfits, and a fresh makeup look with just the bare minimum – a sleek ponytail is the best option for you.

It still looks and feels like you’ve put effort into your hair, without you actually sitting in the stylist’s chair for an hour. You can choose to adorn it with minimal accessories or a flower here and there, or just wear the ponytail as is.

However, we definitely recommend using a serum to add some shine to your strands, and using a matte pomade to keep your baby hairs in place.

15. Rock your crown

Rock your crown

Remember when flower crowns were all the rage? Why not bring them back for your wedding! If you’re someone who wants a no-fuss style with an easy to maintain accessory, you can just get your hair straightened or curled and put on a flower crown.

Super easy, isn’t it? You can even play around with the flowers to spell out names or words, and customise them so that it truly reflects you as a bride.

Feeling like a princess yet?

So, which of these Indian bridal hairstyles really spoke to you? We suggest saving this article for inspiration and setting up an appointment with your hairstylist to figure out which look would work best for you. Remember, you may be the bride – but they are the expert!

Before you go, here are some golden rules to keep in mind:

·  Do a trial run for your hairstyle a week before the wedding. This will help ensure that there are no hiccups on the big day, and you will get a chance to see yourself with the hairstyle and judge whether you want to commit to it or not.

·  Allot extra time for your hair and make-up schedule. No matter how well you plan the wedding, the unexpected can always happen, and people can get late. You don’t want your hair and make-up artists fighting over you at the last minute. Keep an extra hour, at the very least – you’re most likely going to end up needing it.

·  Take care of your hair before your wedding. A lot of brides sign up for yearlong skin treatments before the wedding but often tend to skip hair care. Remember, the healthier your hair is, the better it will take on the style and stay in place. And, who doesn’t want gorgeous hair for all their honeymoon Instagram stories?

·  Always keep hairpins and a comb handy. Hair emergencies don’t pick a time and place – they can really happen at any point in the festivities. It’s best to stay prepared, especially if your hair artist will just do your hair and leave. Make sure your bridesmaid is carrying these tools with her, and it’s best to have at least one person in your wedding party who is familiar with doing hair.

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