How to apply mascara like a pro?

How to apply mascara like a pro?

June 4th, 2021 | by

Your ultimate guide to big, bold, and beautiful lashes. 

Our eyes say more than our words ever do. That’s why no makeup routine is complete without a piercing eye look. Whether you love a full face or just a smidge of lipstick and a dash of mascara, your eyes can make or break any look.

Mascara lifts your lashes and opens up your eyes, unveiling their beauty to the rest of the world. It adds length and volume to your lashes, giving even the subtlest of looks, a hint of drama. 

However, it’s one aspect of makeup that we usually have trouble getting right, mostly due to our nerves. The fear of poking our eye scares even the best of us and the closer a makeup product gets, the worse.

But today, we’re putting all your fears to rest by bringing you the ultimate guide to apply your mascara like a pro. If you follow this 8-step guide, we promise that your lashes will always look as glamorous as you.

How to apply your mascara

Choose the right mascara

The first step to make your eyes shine is to choose the right mascara. If your lashes seem short, choose a lengthening mascara that makes them look longer. If they seem thin and sparse, choose one that gives them volume.

Makeup first, mascara last

Always finish up your full face of makeup before you put on your mascara. If you do your eye makeup first, leave out the mascara and put it on only after you’re done with your face. Doing your makeup first reduces the chances of the mascara on your lower lashes messing up for foundation or concealer.

Lashes, all clean and clear

After you’ve done the rest of your makeup, clear your lashes of any residue that may have settled on them. Take a wet cotton bud, look straight in the mirror, and move it over and under your lashes to remove any traces of makeup. This makes sure that your mascara spreads well and leaves no clumps behind. 

Curl it up

Give your eyelashes an extra lift by curling them before you apply your mascara. Take an eyelash curler, look straight in the mirror, and put it as close to your lash line as you’re comfortable. Press the curler for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat the step 2-3 times until you’re satisfied. Make sure that your curler has a rounded rubber pad, as it’ll curl the lash rather than just bend it upwards. If you’re not comfortable using eyelash curlers, you can put your index finger at the base of your lashes and lift them up. 

The first coat, the first wiggle

After you’ve prepped your eyelashes with a curler, it’s time to get tricky. Take out your mascara brush and wipe off the excess product. Lift your head up so that you’re looking down at the mirror. Place the mascara brush at the base of your eyelash and wiggle it from side to side. This will make the base of your lashes look thick. It will also cover both sides of the lashes well, assuring an even spread of the product. After, slowly move the mascara brush upwards towards the tip of your lashes. To reach the corners, place your brush at an angle so it doesn’t mess any makeup around the eye.

The second coat, thicken and lengthen

Before the previous coat dries, repeat step 5. Apply 2 or max 3 coats for desired thickness. If you feel that you may blink and ruin your makeup, keep your mouth open as it makes it difficult to blink. 

Get rid of any clumps

Once you’ve applied your mascara, get rid of any possible clumps or extra product that may be there. While the coat is still wet, run a clean, dry spoolie through your lashes. Not only will this get rid of any clumps that may be there it will also spread out your lashes and give them a more natural feel. For this, you can buy an extra spoolie or use one out of an old mascara bottle after you’ve cleaned it with soap and water.  

Tackle the lower lash

Since your lower lashes are tinier, they’re harder to tackle than the upper ones. To apply mascara on your lower lashes, tilt your head down and look into the mirror. Place a tissue, card or a post-it under your lashes to avoid any mess. Place your mascara spoolie at the base of your lashes and wiggle. You can either apply the mascara only on the roots or all the way. If you’re applying at the roots, only wiggling would work. Otherwise, place your mascara brush vertically and use its tip to cover each lash.

Pro tips that will make the journey even easier!

  • Twist your mascara brush in circular motions and bring it up gently. Do not pump it in and out since it will push air into your mascara tube and dry off the product.
  • Always wipe off excess product before you apply, or else you may have a clumpy application.
  • Do not reapply a coat after the mascara has dried, as it will make the application clumpy.
  • Do not curl your lashes after applying mascara, as it will make the lashes weak, brittle and make them fall off.
  • Give your lashes a boost of volume by applying translucent powder on them between coats.
  • Wipe away any smudges with cotton buds after your mascara has dried.
  • To add more drama to your look, apply black eyeliner on your upper waterline. This will give the illusion of thicker lashes.


Applying mascara may seem like a task but can become an easy feat with a bit of practice. Just like the rest of your makeup, experiment with the types, textures, and even colours of your mascara, and add more edge to your every makeup look.

Apurva Jain