6 Heat Protection Serums That Come to Your Rescue!

6 Heat Protection Serums That Come to Your Rescue!

August 31st, 2021 | by

There is nothing as resilient as our hair, isn’t it? We do countless things to and with it – from straightening and curling to crimping and blow-drying. However, the sad part is that our natural tresses get affected bit by bit every time we play around with our hair. The damage can be severe and irreversible if not taken care of promptly. 

Don’t worry! Just like you, we also love experimenting with and adding oomph to  our hair. This is why we bring to you the ultimate savior: heat protection serums. These are hair products designed specifically to protect your beautiful hair from damage and distress. (OMG, heat protection serums are god sent!)

A serum for hair protection will essentially form a protective layer over your hair, shielding it from the potential damage of irons and rollers. From gel to spray, you can find heat protection products in various textures and brands. 

Wondering how to select the best heat protection serums in India? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading to discover the best in the business.

Best Heat Protection Serums in India are as follow –

1. L’Oreal Paris Hot & Straight Heat Protection Hair Styler

The L’Oreal Paris Hot & Straight Heat Protection Hair Styler comes in the form of a spray and boy, is it effective! It’s a styling and shielding spray that can defend the tresses against even 230 degrees of heat. Its formula ensures effectiveness against devices like straighteners and curlers. The Styler also leaves your hair frizz-free with a shiny finish that can last for a couple of days easily. With L’Oreal heat protection serum, you get the dual benefits of better hair quality and protection.


High heat resistance

Ensures smooth and shiny hair

Works against humidity and frizz


A tad bit expensive than its competitors

2. TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray 

The TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray is a landmark in heat protection serums in India. Crafted using a  specialized formula, the spray comes with a moisture-lock vitamin complex that helps in keeping the style intact without any heat-led adversities. It guards your locks against the damage or dullness that incessant dryer and iron usage can cause. Your hair is bound to feel vibrant, voluminous, and shiny after using this TRESemme product. 


Has an amazing fragrance

Suitable for almost all hair types

Advanced formula for better protection 


Frequent use might lead to sticky hair

Doesn’t come in travel-friendly packaging

3. Wella Professionals Eimi Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray

Wella Professionals, as their logo suggests, is a brand that keeps hair at the epicenter by constantly innovating its products for better results. With the Eimi Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray, Wella brings to the table a multi-purpose serum for heat protection. The Spray’s primary result is that it protects and guards the hair against any heat-induced damage. The other highlight is that the Wella serum also helps in styling your hair by making it smoother and shinier.


Light on the hair

Preferred by  professional hair stylists 

Smoother finish


Might be overpriced as compared to competitors 

Toni & Guy 5.0 Fluid Oz Prep Heat Protection Mist

4. Toni & Guy Heat Protection Hair Mist

Toni & Guy is another brand that is synonymous with salon-standard hair products and services. With their Prep Heat Protection Mist, the brand enters the heat protection serum category (an offering you can’t keep your eyes off!). This product helps your hair remain lustrous, smooth, and silky under all circumstances. What’s great is that it is suitable for all hair types and works its magic just fine! When used in moderation, the Spray can also help get rid of the frizz and ensure a stylish finish. For best result, spritz it over dry hair when straightening or blow-drying them.


Helps hair remain frizz-free

Suitable for all hair types

Provides glamorous finish to hair


Overusing can lead to oily hair

Costlier than some competitor products

5. Sebastian Professional Trilliant Heat Protecting Spray

The Sebastian Professional Trilliant Heat Protecting Spray is one of the few heat protection hair products that conditions hair. Thanks to its rock crystal extract formula, the serum safeguards the hair texture while giving it an extra shiny look. Two for the price of one, right? It also adds a certain oomph by giving the locks some much-needed volume. The pump used is one of the best in class, making the application easy. In all, it is a great product if used mindfully.


Has a nice fragrance

Works nicely on damp hair

Rejuvenates the hair texture

Provides shine and shimmer 


Overusing can cause the scalp to feel itchy 

6. BBlunt Blown Away – Volumizing Leave-In Spray Hair Styler

Ending our list with a salon-favorite and hair-first brand, BBlunt. The BBlunt Blown Away – Volumizing Leave-In Spray Hair Styler as the name suggests gives you three benefits of volume, protection, and style. Infused with provitamin B5 and wheat protein, this is a wholesome product which safeguards your tresses from heat damage. It works its charm seamlessly to give life to dry, dull, and flat hair. We would recommend this product for an all-around stylish and trusted hair experience.


Has effective ingredients

Made for Indian hair

Assists in managing frizzy hair by making them smooth

Adds volume to the hair


Not ideal for people with oily hair texture

Simplifying Selection and Application

To aid you in choosing the best serum, we have made a hair protection serum checklist you should keep in mind while buying and using the products.

  • Check ingredients of the products and select the ones which suit your needs – natural, vitamin-rich, scientifically infused
  • Try opting for spray nozzle bottles as they are easy to apply and workaround
  • Go for products that offer added benefits with heat protection like conditioning, nourishment, frizz-free hair, etc.
  • Always read the instructions before using the products. Keep in mind that serums are applied before the heat treatment and should be kept away from the eyes.


Now that we have given you a list of the best heat protection serums out there, the task is simple. Simply select the product which suits your needs and get back to styling your hair without any worries. When protection and style go hand-in-hand, the results are fantastic. Happy hair days ahead!

Shubhangi Bhatia