Brighten Up The Festivities With These Bold Eye Looks

Brighten Up The Festivities With These Bold Eye Looks

November 25th, 2021 | by

Ever seen one of those makeup looks that make you go ‘Wow’ but you’ve never tried it yourself, because you were doubtful of pulling it off? We are here to tell you, you can and you MUST try them.

They say OTT makeup – with neon, glitter and embellishments – isn’t for the faint-hearted but we say you’re here to live that bold life so why not! If you’ve ever fancied trying one of those runway looks, you know just for kicks, there isn’t a better time than now.

The festive season is all about self-expression in all forms and embracing your deepest, darkest  brightest desires. If you’re reading this, consider it a sign to dress up and show up! To help give you the nudge, we’ve got a celebrity makeup artist, Devika Jodhani, to guide you with bold yet simple eye makeup looks she’s created in the past. Get inspired and give your makeover a go like a pro!

Bold eye makeup looks to try this festive season

Before you begin experimenting, Jodhani lets you in on some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

1. What are some of the biggest makeup trends of 2021?

Uplifting Colour. I love the evolution of the graphic eye, it’s less about heavy contours and more about incorporating a pop of color in unexpected ways. Intense shades in pink, green, and blue add that much needed spunk.

Zoom Glow is another must-try. Still taking calls from the bed, but need a little boost? That’s where the ‘No makeup’ look comes in play. Neutral eye shadow, poppy blush and brushed up brows is all you need.

2. What are some festive looks one could create with eye products?

  • Monochrome

These are one of my favourite go-to looks – to use the same liquid lip colour in three ways i.e a dab on the lips, on the cheeks as a blush and on the lids to brighten the eyes.

  • Classic Cat Eye

A thick flick of black eyeliner can never go out of style. Pair that with a bright lip that screams for attention or a subtle nude for a more understated look.

  • Subtle Brown Smoke

This is one of my signature looks that needs just two products – a liner and a mascara. A brown pencil gives you some room to blend before it sets. Line the upper and lower lid and use a pointed buffing brush to smudge that out. For extra longevity, set this with a powder shadow. Next, a good curl and a generous sweep of mascara on the lashes, and you are all set.

3. Could you give us a look breakdown for any 3 bold eye looks that you’ve created?

Disco Eyes
Disco Eyes

This was an ode to the 70s – a copper metallic eye design. I love using an eyeshadow base to build more payoff and longevity with my looks. For this I’ve used the Mac paint pot in Painterly as the eyeshadow base. Next, a sweep of copper all over the lid and a deep brown on the crease, blending it into the outer corners.

Both shades from the CROWN Cosmetics Metallic Eyeshadow Palette. The same copper shade is used on the lower lash line to open up the eyes. Next, a good curl to the lashes with my most trusted Shu Umera Curler, followed by a generous sweep of the absolute magic potion – Pat Mcgrath Mascara.

  • Neon Pop

This look was about giving freshness to the face by bringing the eyes out without any harsh lines. I’ve started with a wash of the Crown Cosmetics Eyeshadow Primer on the lids.

Next, I’ve gone in with using my fingers to abstractly dabble the neon pops of colour on the lids using the Kryolan Neon Cream Colour Wheel. 

This cream texture was followed and set with Neon Powder Eyeshadow of similar shades in a Sleek Eyeshadow Palette to set the cream shadow to increase intensity. No mascara was used for this look to keep the whole look very soft.

Neon pop
  • Foil Love

For this, I’ve used the MAC Painterly Eye Base followed by a wash of Indigo from the PatMcgrath Eyeshadow Palette on the whole eyelid.

In the inner corners, I’ve placed foil bits in Rose Gold from Kryolan to give a striking contrast to the Indigo. The trick with foil is to use eyelash glue to secure it in place and to make sure they don’t budge. For this look, I’ve used the Duo Transparent Eyelash Glue.

Foil Love

Pro Tip:

When you’re going for bold eye looks, go subtle on your lips with a nude shade that complements your look, balancing out your face.

Now that you’ve got a low-down on some bold eye makeup looks to try this season, which look are you most likely to try? Don’t forget to share your looks with us and lastly, don’t forget to have some fun while you’re at it!

Meghana Ganeshan

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