12 bespoke bridesmaid hairdos for the wedding season

12 bespoke bridesmaid hairdos for the wedding season

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Your best friend’s wedding is right around the corner, so you’re naturally going about checking off all your bridesmaid tasks to help her prep for the big day. Among all the festive cheer and chaotic celebrations, you’ve probably not had the time to think about your own hairstyle for the wedding, have you? Fret not. We come bearing good news.

While you were looking for the perfect flowers for the bride-to-be, we did some research for the best bridesmaid hairstyles for you to look ‘second best’. This is the only guide you need for the hairstyle that simultaneously matches your outfit and personality. Scroll through and get inspired!

12 best hairstyles for every Indian bridesmaid 

Take it from us, your best friend’s wedding is the place you’re going to get snapped the most – because you’re going to be beside her at all times. Whether you realise it or not, you become a very important part of all her wedding memories.

So, obviously, you’ll want to be prepared for all the candid captures, looking the best version of yourself. You could be wearing bathroom slippers or dirty sneakers under your bridesmaid lehenga – to run around during the ceremony – and nobody will know.

But if your hair looks like it could’ve used a shower, people are bound to notice. Also, as Phoebe Waller Bridge says “Hair is everything!” To help you step up your bridesmaid game, here are 12 bridesmaid hairstyles to bookmark for the big day. 

1. Soft curls

No matter the length of your hair, you can never go wrong with soft curls. You could even play off the bride’s hairstyle. If she’s going for curls, complement her look. Maybe skip the embellishments, so as not to take away her spotlight. 

Pro tip: To achieve this look, neatly comb and section your hair. Take a pair of tongs and curl them. Then, partition it as per your desired look and set with a medium to strong hold spray. For a softer look, run your fingers through the curls. Voila! You’ve got yourself a pretty bridesmaid hairstyle that’ll take you through day to night, for multiple occasions. Carry a clip in case your hair comes in the way of your bridesmaid duties. 

2. Low bun 

This is one of the most underrated bridesmaid hairstyles, but is an instant hit because of its functional yet flawless outcome. You’re going to want to pin up your hair using an embellished clip or maybe even flick some floral elements from the decor to amp up your look. Simple yet beautiful!

The messy effect will keep you totally on trend and the low bun will keep the hair off your face for when you have to attend to the bride. Talk about the best of both worlds, right? What’s more? This look will barely take you any time to put together, so your bride can have all your attention.

3. Glam waves

This one is among the easiest bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair, second to soft curls. All you have to do is section your hair and curl them using tongs. Then,  finger comb to create perfect beach waves. Tie up your hair in a loose knot at the back (using an embellished clip or some dainty florals) with strands framing your face. 

The trick is to use sea salt spray or any other setting spray to keep the texture intact. Additionally, you could also tie it up with a scrunchie until you reach the venue, so as not to ruin the hairstyle. 

4. Braided half up

This Indian bridesmaid hairstyle looks extremely classy and is what every bridesmaid’s dream is made of. Whether you’re decked up in all traditional or keeping it indo-western, this one just does the trick. While it looks complicated to achieve, it is in fact doable with a little bit of help. Gather your troupe of bridesmaids and practice this look beforehand, so you could all help each other put it together on the big day without much hassle. 

Tie a loose braid at the side and pin it up at the back. Leave the rest of your hair in loose curls and you’re all set! Don’t forget to apply serum for that lasting shine. 

5. Let loose and shine

This is one of the most simple bridesmaid hairstyles, and therefore is also the most common. If you’re the kind of bridesmaid who knows she can steal the show even with the most easy breezy look, well, this one’s just right for you! If done correctly, it looks extremely classy and elegant. 

All you need to do is straighten your hair and only curl the ends before you apply products that will keep it looking shiny and flawless till the very end of the function. Remember to carry a scrunchie for when you want to tie it up at intervals. 

6. Sleek ponytail

You can never go wrong with a sleek ponytail. Especially when you get it to look this gorgeous! If you don’t want to leave your hair loose but also don’t have time for an elaborate bridesmaid hairstyle, this one could do the trick for you. 

Apply serum to set the strays and comb your hair neatly. Then, tie it back in a low and sleek ponytail and you’re set! To achieve the sleek and sexy look, you’ll need to apply serums, sprays and whatever it takes to keep your crown from getting frizzy. As for the hair that forms the pony, you could choose to keep it messy or straight as per your liking. 

7. Braided updo

This is one of the bridesmaid hairstyles that you can try if you want to give your classic low bun an upgrade. With many twists and turns, side-braids and knots, you can achieve this pretty look. However, if it seems complicated, you know what to do! Put your other bridesmaids to the task! If time isn’t a problem, get it done professionally.

First, make a side braid and pin it at the back. Then braid the remaining portion of your hair and twist it neatly into a low bun. Remember, no matter which style of braid you choose, the secret to this hairstyle’s success is texture so ensure there’s tons of it! If you’re feeling really bougie, add that extra texture with hair colour.

8. Twisted half up

This one’s for the bridesmaids who have it all under control. Twist your hair into loose braids from both sides, bring them together at the back and tie them up in a loose updo. Embellish with floral elements, and you’ve got yourself a classy bridesmaid hairstyle you’re going to want to flaunt at all the functions. 

If you don’t have floral embellishments, fret not. Even hairpins would do, to make the look stand out. Give your hair some beach waves to play up the texture and lastly, don’t forget to apply hair spray for lasting effect. 

9. Retro glam

This bridesmaid hairstyle got to top the simple bridesmaid hairstyles list. Yet, it’s got that glam factor that is bound to look beautiful on any bridesmaid. With its classic Hollywood charm, the retro glam waves are extremely easy to achieve. 

Straighten your hair to keep away the frizz, then section it in the middle and take all your hair to one side, pinning up the other side to keep it intact. Twirl the ends to give it an outward wave. If you have the time (and the hair length), curl it to create waves so it cascades down your shoulder. 

10. Textured ponytail

The beauty of this bridesmaid hairstyle lies in its simplicity. If you have curly or wavy hair, your task is half done. But if you have straight hair, you’ll need to section and curl it all over first to achieve this look. Leave some strands at the front that will frame your face. 

Take all your hair and tie it up into one loose and messy ponytail at the back. Ensure you give it that textured effect with products that help it stay put for long. An embellished clip could elevate the look a notch. We really can’t get enough of how easy and elegant this is!

11. Textured bun 

This sleek hairdo with a textured bun is a sure fire hit among Indian bridesmaids. So, if you want to go for a simple bridesmaid hairstyle, try this one for your best friend’s wedding. You could keep the crown sleek like you did in the low bun above or messy according to your preference and twist the lower portion of your hair into a textured bun. The beauty of this hairdo, however, is in the texture on the crown area. Adorn the bun with flowers and you’re good to go! 

This is a great hairstyle for bridesmaids looking for a quick fix, yet want to try something different from their usual hairstyles. Carry tons of hairpins to pin up your hair for this look so it doesn’t budge with all the running around. 

12. Wavy ponytail

Another simple bridesmaid hairstyle, this one makes for a pretty do. If you don’t have much time, tie your hair into a pulled-back pony and just curl the ends of the pony to give it a bouncy and wavy texture. Leave a few strands at the front to frame your face. You can curl those too, for added effect. 

Even if you don’t have any fancy clips or floral embellishments to adorn your hair for this look, fret not. The ponytail in itself is enough to steal the show. Just apply hair spray, serum or gel to keep the sleek look intact. 


So, we’ve got you bridesmaid ready! For your best friend’s wedding or that of a sister from another mother this season, you can pick from the above range of simple yet beautiful Indian bridesmaid hairstyles. Flaunt these bridesmaid hairstyles with any outfit – gowns, lehengas, sarees and even indo-western fits!

They are sure to take you from day to night looking glam. All you need are some DIY tools and minor adjustments to rock the hairdo. Are you excited to try them out? We are excited to see you for sure! Don’t forget to share a picture of your favourite bridesmaid hairstyle with us! 

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