Breaking down Katrina Kaif’s dreamy wedding look

Breaking down Katrina Kaif’s dreamy wedding look

December 13th, 2021 | by

If you’ve seen pictures from the #VicKat wedding which broke the internet a few days ago, you obviously got awe-inspired by Katrina Kaif’s minimal bridal look. It’s not something that you can unsee – and we mean this in a good way. Especially given the effortlessness with which she pulled it off – A traditional yet glamorous Sabyasachi lehenga with barely-there makeup putting the spotlight on her stunning jewelry set and a floral embellished bun that completed the look. 

Whether you have your own wedding coming up or you’re a professional makeup artist/hairstylist looking for inspiration this wedding season, what better place to begin, than from the wedding of the year! We’ve given you a detailed breakdown of Katrina Kaif’s bridal look because we know you’ve been secretly thinking about it. 

Here’s how to achieve Katrina Kaif’s dreamy bridal look

While you’re still mesmerized by Katrina Kaif’s resplendent bridal look from her intimate destination wedding with Vicky Kaushal, let’s break down how she achieved the minimal matte makeup and pulled-back sleek bun. 

Before beginning with the makeup base, let’s get to the basics. It’s essential to follow the CTM routine:


Wash your face with a cleanser that suits your skin type. If you have oily skin, go for a foam cleanser. On the other hand, if you have dry or combination skin, opt for a mild cleanser. This will help unclog pores and remove dirt and grime stuck on your skin owing to factors such as pollution. 


After you’ve cleansed your face, pat it dry and use a spray toner or liquid toner. Apply it all over your face by dabbing gently using a cotton pad. A toner helps balance regular pH levels of your skin and provides extra hydration and nourishment. 


Lastly, take some moisturiser onto your palms and apply it gently all over your face to prep your skin for makeup. This is an extremely important step, since moisturiser keeps your skin feeling soft and healthy. Not to forget, hydrated skin absorbs makeup better, avoiding all that flakiness. Now, you’re all set to start with your makeup! 


Step 1

Prep the face with a matte primer that helps even your skin tone and enables makeup to stay intact for longer. 

Step 2

Apply a matte foundation with great coverage to match your skin tone. This keeps skin smooth and even for the rest of your makeup to sit well. 

Step 3

Use a concealer in the corresponding shade of the foundation to cover up any patches or spots on your face. Blend blend blend! 

Step 4

Apply a hint of blush on your cheeks for a natural flushed look. Remember, just a hint! We’ve got to look like natural beauties.

Step 5

Use a highlighter or strobe cream (with slight shimmer) on the high points of your cheek bones, jawline, nose bridge and even the inner corner of your eyes for that bridal glow!  


Step 6

Pick an eyeshadow palette in earthy tones to complement the monotone look you’re going for. Apply it on the lids and blend well. Don’t forget to use an eye primer before to keep it intact for longer. 

Step 7

Use a volumizing mascara to add some drama to your lashes. Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

Step 8

Apply Kohl on your waterline to lay further emphasis on the eyes. 

Step 9

Lastly, opt for a nude lipstick shade to complete your look. You could even line your lips for a fuller pout. 

Step 10

Spritz a setting spray to enable your makeup to settle well and stay put for a long time, giving you that goddess-like glow. 

Voila! You’ve got the makeup look of your dreams, using minimal products that highlight your jewelry and outfit on your big day, while also making you look naturally beautiful. Now, let’s get into the actor’s bridal hairstyle that’s got the whole town taking notes. 

How to achieve Katrina Kaif’s sleek bridal bun 

While Katrina Kaif’s pulled-back bun was half-hidden with her dupatta, the actor managed to turn heads with her minimal hairdo. Here’s how you can achieve the look. 

Step 1

Apply serum on your hair to give it a frizz-free, smooth texture and shiny look. Wash the hair a few hours before the main event if the frizz is tough to tame.

Step 2

Comb the hair well and partition it in the centre to achieve the desired donut bun. 

Step 3

StepPick dainty white flowers to embellish the perfectly round bun, and adorn the forehead with a double Mathapatti. 

Step 4

Lastly, apply a tiny portion of hair gel to avoid flyaways from framing the face, and use a hair spray to keep the look intact. 

This is how you achieve a minimal bridal hairdo and amp it up with floral embellishments of your choice to give it an oomph factor! All this, while keeping it super natural.


Katrina Kaif has set the bar soaring with her immaculate bridal look for brides-to-be. And if you’re seeking inspiration, Katrina Kaif’s got you covered. What’s more? We’ve got the actor’s entire look broken down for you with products you can purchase to achieve it!  However, we recommend you choose the variant suited to your skin type and tone. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and fulfill your bridal dream! 

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