6 Best stick foundations for every skin type

6 Best stick foundations for every skin type

October 5th, 2021 | by

We know how much time doing a full face of makeup can take – from setting the base and contouring to perfecting the eyes and lips. But while some love to indulge in hours of makeup, some others only have a few minutes to spare before rushing off to work. 

Stick foundations are a boon for the latter, who usually wear makeup on-the-go. Yes, we are looking right at you, ladies! This option is super portable, easy to store, extremely fuss-free, and as effective as your regular foundations, giving you full coverage + the convenience of application.

Similar to the other types of foundations – cream, liquid, and powder – stick foundations are available for every skin type – oily skin, dry skin, combination skin (T-Zone skin type), acne-prone skin and even sensitive skin. Here’s a round-up of the best roll-on foundations to suit your unique skin type. 

1. Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick

This lightweight foundation stick offers medium to full coverage and has a matte finish. So, whether you’re heading to work or making a quick appearance at a friend’s party, this stick foundation is ideal for that ‘no makeup’ make up look. What’s more? It comes with SPF 30 and is super affordable for everyday use. 

2. SUGAR Cosmetics Ace Of Face Foundation Stick with Inbuilt Brush

A stick foundation with an in-built brush? Talk about convenience! This particular one from SUGAR Cosmetics is available in 10 latte shades for light, warm and undertone skin tones, offering full coverage with a waterproof matte finish. It’s super lightweight and feels like second skin, lasting for up to 10 hours – perfect for an all-night rager! 

3. Lotus Make-Up Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick

This has got to be one of the best drugstore roll-on foundations in the market. It gives almost all the benefits your branded stick foundations do, at a fraction of the cost. Available in three shades to suit different skin tones, this foundation contains SPF 15 to help protect your skin from sun damage. It’s also enriched with the goodness of botanical extracts to nourish your skin and give it that natural glow.

4. Faces Ultime Pro Blend Finity Stick Foundation

With a smoothening effect and medium to full coverage, this stick foundation blends like a dream. It covers dark spots, blemishes, and evens out your skin tone with one quick swipe. Its lightweight formula and range of shades for different skin tones, makes it one of the most popular foundations of its kind. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this stick foundation should do the trick.   

5. Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

One of the reasons this product earns brownie points in the stick foundations category is that it’s completely vegan and cruelty-free. Offering full coverage, it gives your skin a fresh and dewy finish, keeping it hydrated and moisturized. The stick foundation is available in 18 shades, leaving you with a plethora of options to choose from – no matter your skin type. 

6. SÉRY Fix ‘N’ Click Foundation Stick

What’s better than a foundation that you could slide into your pocket and use to touch up whenever you want – especially for those impromptu selfies. With a super sleek and lightweight body, this stick foundation is enriched with natural ingredients like red raspberry and white clay, to give your skin that flawless texture. All you need to do is twist, glide and blend! 


From oily skin to dry skin and even T-Zone skin type, a stick foundation is a must-have for every beauty junkie. Each stick foundation comes with its unique set of benefits to enhance your skin and  make it Insta-worthy. No matter the occasion – be it a casual day out or even a wedding – make way for these budget-friendly options in your beauty closet, that are your safest bet. 

But before you add to cart, remember to check the shade, and match it to your skin tone – most brands have a chart that you could refer to if you’re in doubt. Pro tip: Apply stick foundation on freshly cleansed and moisturized skin for effective results. So, if you ever thought makeup to be a long-winding process, stick foundations are bound to change your mind. What are you waiting for? Get shopping and make your daily makeup process 10x easier! 

Meghana Ganeshan

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