Best moisturiser for dry skin – 8 deeply hydrating winter favourites
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Best moisturiser for dry skin – 8 deeply hydrating winter favourites

January 8th, 2022 | by

Winter is here! Read: Hot chocolate with movie marathons, cosy blankets and fuzzy socks, cold skies and hot showers. It’s everything feel-good holiday season postcards are made of. Winter is ironically, but truly, a season of warmth.

However, with the magic of winter, comes the discomfort of dry skin. The snugness of heaters you love so much and textured sweaters you cosy up in, can in fact, be very harsh for the skin that’s already bearing the brunt of the season. But the good news is, it isn’t something that can’t be managed. Just stock up on some creamy moisturiser goodness, and nothing can pop your winter wonderland bubble.

One thing worth mentioning though, is that intense hydration in winters can be a slippery slope (quite literally) because it may lead to oily looking skin and that’s a no-no too. And so, we have made it our personal mission to bring to you a list of best winter moisturisers in India perfect for dry skin that strike the right balance between intense hydration and non-greasy skin. Read on and beat the winter blues one awesome moisturiser at a time.

1. Nivea Body Milk

Formulated with almond oil, vitamin E, and deep moisture serum, Nivea continues to reign supreme in our list of drugstore classics with its truly nourishing range of moisturisers and lotions. If you are looking for something to salvage very dry skin, the Nivea Body Milk with almond oil and vitamin E is what you should go for, as its formulation not only specifically targets very dry winter skin, but also offers moisturization that lasts a good 48 hours.  Pocket-friendly and very moisturising with a super creamy formula that isn’t sticky.

2. Plum Hello Aloe Day Moisturiser for Very Dry Skin

Arguably the best moisturiser for dry skin in winter per the current market, the Plum Hello Aloe Day Cream for normal, dry, and sensitive skin is packed and oozing with the green goodness of organically sourced aloe juice, vitamin E, and natural oils that offset its intense creamy experience with some natural oil relaxation.

If you’re on the prowl for an everyday moisturiser that treats your skin kindly, this is an ideal choice, completely free of the nasty stuff that is, silicones, petroleum products, and artificial colorants. Its silky smooth texture blends into the deepest parts of your skin. Also, shoutout to its super refreshing fragrance. PS. It is also phthalate-free.

3. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

We would address this cream as the best cream for dry skin because anything Cetaphil is great! This brand makes the whole science of skin so accessible, and does so through products that are straightforward. Another diamond to their crown is their moisturiser for dry skin that can be your go-to this winter and here’s why- it’s got a unique formula called HELO (which stands for Humectant, Emollients, Lipids, Occlusive) with which it binds water to the skin and  prevents loss of moisture.

Whipped up in the trusty laboratories of trusty skin scientists, this goodie good goodness of sweet almond oil and vitamin E,  makes for an intensely hydrating moisturising cream that not only deeply moisturises, but also replenishes your skin from within its deepest layers, no matter how dry or how very, very dry your skin is.

4. Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion

Neutriderm’s Moisturising Lotion is made with a special type of vitamin E. Yes, that’s right! A special kind of vitamin E that is vitamin E phosphate, which due to its water soluble nature, has been identified as a naturally occurring substance in the human body. Because of its proven bio-functional activity as an anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant, when you apply the lotion, it directly delivers to the skin, while also releasing its benefits the whole time it is on your skin.

It does so longer than any other cream or lotion with vitamin E in it which is a plus. It reduces signs of aging, recovers skin from any damage from the sun, and neutralizes free radicals to protect your skin from pollutants of the environment. In a nutshell, a true contender to make it to our list of the best face moisturiser for dry skin in India.

5. Mamaearth CoCo Nourishing Cold Cream with Coffee and Vitamin E

An amazing creamy concoction that you will want to immediately have all over your skin.

First, yummy coffee with its potent antioxidants that brighten the skin, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Second, vitamin E – a skin care staple with its powerful antioxidant properties, effectively fighting UV damage and protecting the skin from free radical damage. Add to that, its natural skin nourishing properties and voila, skin god stuff.

Third, coconut oil -the gospel goodness that is natural, antibacterial, antifungal, and highly HIGHLY moisturising.

Fourth, organic almond oil which soothes dry skin and well and truly gets into the nooks and crannies to leave it nourished from the inside out. Right up there as yet another excellent and probably the best moisturiser for dry skin in the winter.

6. St. D’Vence Winter Edition Body Lotion with Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter

Why we absolutely adore anything St. D’Vence is they’re a quality brand that offer premium products at extremely affordable prices and their Winter Edition Body Lotion with Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter is no different. Formulated with ingredients that actually enhance and complement one another, its Australian tea tree oil blends in creamy seamlessness with French Shea Butter to make a moisturiser that penetrates deeply via a layered process, thereby restoring and maintaining the skin’s natural protective function.

7. Neutrogena Body Moisturiser for Dry Skin

Leave it to the Scandinavians to know their winter, another favourite that makes the cut on our extremely exclusive bucket list of the best moisturisers for dry skin in winters is our trusty old not-drugstore-but-somewhat-drugstore Neutrogena Body Moisturiser for Dry Skin. A non-greasy formula made with all the glycerin your skin could ever crave for and moisture that lasts 24 hours.

8. The Derma Co Intense Face Moisturiser for Dry Skin

Another science-y favourite we trust to get the brief right EVERY TIME is the Derma Co! Their Intense Face Moisturiser for Dry Skin contains ceramides that form a protective layer on the skin to keep its moisture from escaping, all while offering protection against environmental irritants and pollutants.

Hyaluronic Acid- a skin expert and regular person fan favourite, has antioxidants and skin replenishing properties that help to retain collagen as is produced by the body. It not only maintains but actually increases the moisture content of the skin, thereby providing some much needed elasticity and flexibility. Now that’s a skin that looks young, bouncy and fresh. And if that wasn’t good enough already, it also treats acne and pigmentation. We are sold!

So there you have it, our bucket list of wintery goodness and an oh-so-creamy curation of dry skin moisturisers that are easily the best for winters. What will help lock in the moisture for longer hours, is applying any of these creams on damp skin, right after the shower.

Talking of showers, start to take warm showers instead of hot ones and as heat can draw more moisture out of your skin. Apply lotions as often as needed and wear comfortable, non-irritating clothing. Lastly, use gentle cleansers to not trouble the already troubled skin more. You know what they say- winter is coming. But so should your A game!

Sasha Singh