Make your almond eyes pop with these makeup tips

Make your almond eyes pop with these makeup tips

October 11th, 2021 | by

Makeup has the incredible power to enhance your natural beauty, and your eyes are no exception. This particularly unique feature comes in all types of stunning shapes and sizes, and thus it becomes important to know how to apply eye makeup to accentuate and suit YOUR unique eye shape.

After all, our eyes are one of the first few things that people are drawn to, and given the recent pandemic and mask mandate, they are one of the very few visible features on our faces. This has also led to a lot of experimentation with eye makeup, and we have been seeing bold eye makeup trends both on and off the runway. Graphic liners, colourful eyeshadows, and underliners are the new rage. 

Today, we’re putting the focus on almond eyes. Read on to learn how you can make these looks work for you if you have almond-shaped eyes, along with using makeup to flatter and enhance your eye shape on a daily basis.

How to tell if you have almond-shaped eyes

If you have previously worked with a makeup artist or are a makeup enthusiast yourself, then you would most likely be aware of your exact eye shape. However, if you’re unsure, take a look in the mirror – if there is a visible crease in your eyelid, and your iris touches both your top and bottom waterlines, you have almond-shaped eyes. Your eyes would also be oval in shape with the outer corners being slightly upturned, much like an almond.

The good news

If you have successfully identified that you have almond eyes, congratulations! You are every makeup artist’s dream, thanks to your large lid space. Moreover, you can pretty much pull off any look you want, including more editorial looks like graphic liners and smoked out eyeshadows. 

Now, let’s move on to our top eight tips to make your almond eyes pop.

8 tips to make your almond eyes pop

#1 – Highlight the inner corners

One of the many ways in which you can add more dimension to your eye shape and make your eyes look brighter and more awake is by highlighting the inner corners. Take a shimmery, highlighting shade and tap it in there with your fingers. If you want to add a faux brow lift into the mix, take the same shade and apply it onto your brow bone as well. Shine away, ladies!

#2 – Open up the eyes with a nude liner

A lighter colour on your lower waterline, like a nude or white eye pencil, can help open up your eyes and make them appear larger and brighter. Balance it out with a black or soft brown liner on your upper waterline, and voila – you now look like you got all eight hours of your beauty sleep!

#3 – Use the right eyelash curler

Most generic eyelash curlers are made keeping in mind perfectly round eyes, and this leads to them sometimes pinching our eyelids or missing out on the outer corner lashes. Swap yours for one made specifically for almond eyes – look for one that has a shallower arc and a wider opening to grab every single lash. Don’t forget to follow up with lots of mascara too!

#4 – Try a floating eyeliner look

Take your everyday makeup look a notch above by trying one of the hottest trends of the moment, the floating eyeliner. Since you’re basically tracing the shape of your eyelid, it will help accentuate your eye shape in an interesting way. 

Here’s a quick beauty tutorial – begin by outlining where your crease meets the bottom of your brow bone – you may use a darker shadow to make this guide. Then take your eyeliner and make a solid line from the inner corner of your crease to the outer corner near the brow bone, flicking the shape and making a wing at the end. 

#5 – Do a halo eye look

Want to make good use of the lid space that you have been blessed with? Then why not learn how to apply eyeshadow for almond eyes and give the halo look a try! 

This is an Instagram-famous eye makeup trend where you apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow right in the middle of your eyelid, and a darker shade on the inner and outer corners. Blending, of course, is key. This will help open up your eyes further, make them look more striking, and even add some interesting contrast to your otherwise neutral makeup look.

#6 – Groom your brows

There’s nothing like a pair of perfectly groomed brows to frame your face and eyes. We suggest following along the natural arch of your brow for an easy guide. Almond eyes benefit from longer ends, so try using your brow pencil to fill in and extend your brows ever so slightly for a more balanced look. 

#7 – Rock a cat eye 

Precise eyeliner for almond eyes is always quick and easy to achieve, and a cat-eye always complements them. You may use a gel, liquid, or pencil liner and even experiment with smoking it out. Make sure to connect your wing with your waterline in the outer corner of your eye for a seamless effect and to add that extra lift. 

For a softer look, you can use a brown liner. Alternatively, you can also add drama with a black liner.

#8 – Go monochrome

Do you want maximum impact with minimal effort? All you have to do is pick your favourite colourful single eyeshadow and sweep it all over your lid and lower lashline. For a more modern look, wing out the colour slightly at the corner of your eyes. This is an easy way to achieve an edgy eye look, and play up your larger lid space as well.


So, are you ready to upgrade your beauty game with these makeup tips and tricks to accentuate almond eyes? Don’t forget to try them the next time you sit down at your vanity, and see the difference for yourself! 

Khanak Mehta