Get Colouring with 11 Best Ammonia Free Hair Colors of 2021

Get Colouring with 11 Best Ammonia Free Hair Colors of 2021

September 2nd, 2021 | by

Hair coloring is often a mix of necessity and innovation. Some people dye their hair to cover their grays, while others are looking to revamp their look. No matter what the objective, hair coloring is an art that serves the purpose time and again.

However, hair colors often bring with them parallel worries and hair drama because of the excessive chemicals in them. But don’t you worry, this doesn’t mean you should put a stop to hair colouring. All you need to do is pick an ammonia-free hair colour! Before we explore a list of the best ammonia-free hair colors, let’s have a quick understanding of ammonia.

What is Ammonia in Hair Colors?

Hair coloring as a scientific process is driven by the opening up of hair’s cuticles so that it becomes capable of absorbing the color. This opening or swelling up is usually led by chemicals like ammonia.

Ammonia is proven to have small molecules which absorb the hair color faster by evaporating quicker. Ammonia-based hair colors are also easier to rinse. However, with these  pros, ammonia also brings to the table a long list of serious side effects. 

The most apparent downside is the sharp smell that occurs because of the fast absorption. It is also known to harm the hair cuticles by lightening your natural hair color. The result of a quicker, smoother dye comes at the cost of dull and unhealthy hair texture.

Best of Both Worlds: Ammonia-Free Hair Colors

Ammonia-free hair colors, offered as a substitute to ammonia-based hair colors, still contain chemicals but are less threatening to your natural hair. These use larger molecules which might be less optimal when it comes to absorption of color but offer many benefits.

The large molecules of ammonia-free hair colors don’t allow for any pungent smell. These colors tend to stay longer without harming the natural texture much. The emollient oil in these products ensures that your hair retains its proteins and prevents hair damage. 

Let’s have a look at some of 2021’s must-have ammonia-free hair colors.

1. L’oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss

The L’oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss is one of the most popular and widely chosen ammonia-free hair colors in India. Coming from the beauty brand of L’oreal, it was one of the first ammonia-free hair products in the market. With the highest color payoff, it claims to last up to almost a month. This offering by L’oreal Paris comes in multiple shades spoiling you for choice, while ensuring the hair gets glossier. 


  • Contains natural ingredients and extracts
  • Conditions the hair
  • Easy to use with mess-free packaging
  • Helpful in covering grays


  • The color on the box might not match the shade after application

2. Garnier Color Naturals Creme Hair Color

Garnier hair dyes are one of India’s most known hair products. With Garnier Color Naturals Creme Hair Color, the brand has made an ammonia-free offering to give effective coloring benefits sans the side effects. It is great for covering grays and leaves you with a fresh and young look. The packaging comes with all the necessary equipment for a hassle-free coloring experience.


  • Contains natural ingredients like olive oil
  • Comes in different shades of black and brown
  • Non-drip formula ensuring no mess


  • The thick texture might stick and needs to be washed off with more effort

3. Indus Valley Organically Natural Gel Hair Color

Indus Valley Hair Colors are a herbal brand bringing the goodness of nature to the process of hair dying. With their PHAB technology and 8 natural ingredients, they aim to nourish your hair from within. Indus Valley hair dyes make the hair shiny and healthy while giving you the color of your dreams. Not only coloring, but this product is also effective in reducing newer gray strands, removing dandruff, and cleansing your scalp. 


  • Truly organic and natural
  • Cleanses hair and reduces other hair problems
  • No ammonia and peroxide
  • Moisturizes and smoothens hair texture


  • Patch test recommended before application
  • Elements come in sachets

4. Revlon Top Speed Hair Color

As the name suggests, Revlon Top Speed Hair Color offers the quickest coloring experience with just 5 minutes needed to work its charm. Imbibed with ginseng root extracts, the color smoothens the hair by nourishing it from root to tip. It is known to be a quick result, long-lasting hair color. What more can one ask for, right?


  • One of the quickest processing times
  • Highly pigmented
  • Softens and conditions the hair
  • Fades slowly and smoothly


  • Limited range with 4 shades
  • Can leave behind tough stains

5. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair color

Godrej Expert Hair Color is one of the most effective and affordable hair dyes in India. Enriched with milk and aloe, this hair color promises to nourish hair and keep damage away from the hair shafts. It is extremely simple and best suited for at-home applications. Thanks to Godrej’s trusted name, it offers complete gray coverage and long-lasting effects.


  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for multiple usages
  • 100% gray coverage
  • No proven side effects


  • Not very long-lasting
  • Fade can be uneven

6. Matrix Wonder Hair color

Matrix Wonder Hair Color is known for giving 100% gray coverage and up to five times shinier hair post-application. The pigments are meant to give a softer, smoother finish with a natural-looking texture. The golden gel of the hair color helps in protecting and softening your hair to prevent any kind of damage.


  • Natural-looking hair
  • Glossy, smooth hair texture
  • Long-lasting up to six weeks


  • Limited collection with only 4 shades

7. Shahnaz Husain colorveda Natural Hair color

Shahnaz Husain Colurveda collection is a go-to choice for anyone seeking natural, organic hair colors. Made of natural ingredients like indigo and henna, this color provides you with enriched hair texture and minimal damage. It covers gray hairs and nourishes the scalp with its Ayurvedic conditioning qualities.


  • Filled with natural ingredients
  • Conditions and protects the scalp
  • Makes hair shiny


  • Lesser pigmentation in color

8. Schwarzkopf Essensity Hair Color

Schwarzkopf Essensity is the first oil-based, permanent ammonia-free hair color that has revolutionized the hair dye space. The color contains grapeseed oil and uses new Phyto lipid technology which nourishes hair even after being washed. Providing full gray coverage, it leaves beautiful tones on hair while keeping the texture smooth and soft.


  • Huge variety with 58 shades
  • Oil formula helps in softening hair
  • Moisturizes dry scalp
  • Provides multi-tonal reflections


  • The developer has to be purchased separately 

9. BBLUNT Salon Secret Hair color

Founded by leading industry professionals and used by Bollywood celebs, the BBlunt Salon Secret Hair Color is a reliable bet. The biggest attraction is the Shine Tonic that comes with the pack. When added to the mixture, this gives rich color and long-lasting shine to your tresses. This product nourishes your hair and leaves behind an aromatic smell.


  • Shine-focused formula
  • Long-lasting effect up to 8 weeks
  • Silk proteins nourish hair
  • Full gray hair coverage


  • Not free from chemicals

10. Dabur Vatika Henna Hair color

Dabur is known for its strong connection with both hair and nature. Combining both these avenues, the Dabur Vatika Henna Hair Color brings the goodness of nature in hair dyes. The color is made from organic ingredients like henna, olives, and walnuts which nourish from root to tip. It protects the hair from damage and goes on to strengthen the roots and add to the volume.


  • Organic and natural
  • Protects hair from damage
  • Strengthen roots


  • Not very long-lasting
  • Isn’t easily available in markets 

11. Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color is a unique blend of ammonia-free color and coconut oil extracts that nourishes your hair. It not only covers and colors your grays but also enhances the natural shade of your hair. The color reduces frizz and damage, making the color even more beautiful and smooth.


  • Long-lasting effect
  • Good for nourishing dry hair
  • Complements natural hair color


  • Expensive as compared to alternatives


Hair coloring can help you transform your look and gain that extra bit of self- confidence. Ammonia-free hair colors offer all these benefits while ensuring your hair remains healthy and happy. So don’t wait and start experimenting now!

Shubhangi Bhatia