7 Best Alcohol-Free Hair Sprays That Save You From a Bad Hair Day!

7 Best Alcohol-Free Hair Sprays That Save You From a Bad Hair Day!

June 30th, 2021 | by

Oh, bad hair days can ruin your vibe and we have all experienced it at some point! Let’s be honest, we’ve all gone through a whole lot of disappointment because of hair that decided to just not cooperate! While bad hair days come unannounced, you can be prepared for them with some ammunition and not let it mess with your mind.

We’re here for your rescue with a list of some of the best alcohol-free hair sprays that we set our hands on this year! So, save yourself from bad hair days and create gorgeous looks with hair that looks voluminous, frizz-free, and shiny, all while using an alcohol-free hair spray.

Alcohol-Based Hair Spray Vs. alcohol-free Hair Spray

Now, before we delve into the best alcohol-free hair sprays of 2021, let’s understand why they are better than those containing alcohol. Nobody fancies hair that looks brittle and dull. While alcohol-based sprays do the trick for the time being, they do more harm than good in the long run.

Harsher than ones that contain no alcohol, these sprays deplete your hair of essential oils and nutrients, making it look dead and limp. These also take a longer while to dry out. On the other hand, a good alcohol-free spray will dry out almost instantly, while maintaining the natural lustre and shine of the hair.

Now that alcohol-free hair sprays are a clear winner, here are our top picks: 

1. Pantene Pro-V Airspray

Leaving hair feeling smooth and soft, this hair spray is best for when you need a quick fix to your bad hair day. Having been rightly named as an ‘airspray’, this feels super light to use and provides a lustrous shine to your hair almost instantly. This hair spray contains zero ethanol and  succeeds at giving an impressive bounce to your hair.

2. Honeybee Gardens Herbal Mint alcohol-free Hair Spray

Enriched with botanical ingredients, the Honeybee Gardens Herbal Mint hair spray works like a magic potion for your hair, lending a smooth, shiny feel to every single hair strand. It makes your hair look super hydrated, so if dry hair is something you struggle with, this is surely worth a try. It exudes a salon-like finish, while also leaving your hair smell minty fresh and great! Also, this hair spray is gluten-free, which makes your hair feel tremendously soft and touchable.

3. Ion Alcohol-Free Finishing Hair Spray

The alcohol-free finishing spray by Ion is extremely lightweight and natural, making your hair frizz-free for up to 8 hours after a single use. Its paraben-free formula lends a smooth finish while being safe to use on a regular basis. Another enticing feature is its musky scent which is just the right blend of strong and subtle for bawse ladies out there! This one is great for limp looking, dull hair that needs an instant upliftment.

4. Bounce Curl HairSpray

This one is for all the curly-haired divas out there! The Bounce Curl Hairspray helps your hair retain moisture, without making your curls look stiff or sticky. This alcohol-free hair spray has no added chemicals or toxins, making it a perfect option for when you want to elevate your curly hair game without causing damage to your mane.

5. Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Flexible Airspray

With a blend of natural ingredients such as aloe vera and bamboo, this hair spray by Herbal Essences works miraculously on all hair types. It provides great protection from humidity and claims to renew your natural hair texture within 21 days. With a formula that allows your hair to look natural and silky, this hair spray lends a healthy, voluminous, and frizz-free look to your hair.

6. Kenra Shaping Spray

The Kenra Shaping Spray is the talk of the town for providing maximum moisture retention and preventing hair from looking dull and lifeless. It has got a fantastic hold, allowing your hair to look manageable in a variety of styles – a chic high pony, a classy bun, or even let loose. Its great formula is specially curated to give a salon-like finish to your hair for hours at the end.

7. SEXYHAIR Alcohol-Free Pure Addiction Hair Spray

The SEXYHAIR Pure Addiction Hair Spray manages to make your hair look natural while having an impressive hold for extended hours. Its frizz-control formula makes your hair look super nourished and hydrated, making hair styling a piece of cake, even in the most humid weather conditions.


Ladies! These were our ‘Best Alcohol-Free Hair Sprays for 2021’ picks. Give them a try and rock your hairstyles like a pro, because you very well deserve it! Say goodbye to dull hair as you renew them with a shiny, lustrous life with these truly amazing hairsprays

Aastha Ahuja