Are you applying makeup as per your face shape?

Are you applying makeup as per your face shape?

November 24th, 2021 | by

Makeup is primarily used to conceal spots, even out your skin tone and even as an instant pick-me-up for when you’re feeling blue. But let us tell you a thing or two more about makeup. It’s also used to lift your face and give you a clear, glowing complexion, making you look bright and happy! There are makeup techniques used according to your face shape that will not only help simplify the process, but also enhance your natural features tenfold. For the uninitiated, we’ve broken it down for you. Check out the best way to apply makeup that’s well suited for your face shape. 

1. Makeup for oval face shape

An oval face shape is one of the most balanced ones and hence, standard makeup application would do in this case. 

Try this: 

  • Apply a matte or satin-finish powder bronzer using a tapered brush. Begin at the temples and work your way down to the centre of the face. 
  • With the same brush, dab a hint of blush to the temples as well as the apples of your cheeks to achieve that airbrushed look. 
  • Lastly, highlight the highest points of your face using a fan brush. Begin at the temples, touch up the brow bone, then the bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow and your chin.

2. Makeup for square face shape 

The trick while working with a square face shape is to contour well so that it helps soften your look, keeping the focus away from sharp angles. 

Try this: 

  • Begin with contouring on your temples and then move on to the jawline. Use a fluffy brush and work it in an upward motion to give you a natural look.
  • Next, apply blush on the apples of your cheeks followed by bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks. 
  • Lastly, apply an illuminating highlighter in a ‘C’ shape around the high points of your face such as your temples, inner corner of the eyes and bridge of your nose. 

3. Makeup for heart face shape 

People with a heart-shaped face have fuller cheeks or prominent cheekbones. This feature can be played up or down as per the person’s wish. It’s also extremely easy to balance by applying bronzer on the forehead, giving you that much sought-after sun-kissed look. 

Try this: 

  • Use a highlighter to highlight the high points of your face such as the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, underneath the brow bone, jawline, cupid’s bow and chin. 
  • Contour the top of your head or just use a bronzer, blending down the temples and underneath the cheekbones. 
  • Keep two fingers distance from your nose and apply blush, sweeping it across the apples of your cheeks towards your ears. Blend downwards to avoid making it look like a horizontal stripe. You could use this application if you wish to accentuate your cheekbones. If not, skip this step.

4. Makeup for round face shape 

A round face shape gives a bubbly, youthful vibe but the right kind of makeup could also elevate your look and give it an edge. 

Try this: 

  • Use a subtle highlighter to add some shine to the high points of your face such as the bridge of your nose, the centre of your forehead, cheekbones, underneath the brow bone, cupid’s bow, chin and even the inner corner of the eyes. 
  • Use a bronzer or contour the outer parameter of your face and under your cheeks.
  • Apply blush, keeping a two-finger distance from your nose, sweeping it across the apples of your cheeks towards your ear. Don’t forget to blend downwards to prevent that area from looking patchy. This makeup technique is bound to help break up the roundness. 

5. Makeup for oblong face shape

The longer your face is, the more height it has – automatically making the width smaller. If your face shape falls under this category, use products that take away from the height and enhance the width. 

Try this: 

  • Apply blush to the apple of your cheeks and blend it back and forth to add width. 
  • Next, apply bronzer around the hairline at the top of the forehead and along the bottom of your cheekbones. Blend upwards toward the temple, under the chin, along the jawline and the bridge of the nose.
  • Highlight the top of your cheeks and blend back toward the temples, the brow bone, the tip of the nose as well as the cupid’s bow. Avoid highlighting the forehead or chin which will increase the height.  

6. Makeup for diamond face shape 

For diamond face shapes, you’ll want to increase the width at narrower areas of your face by accentuating those naturally high cheekbones.

  • Apply blush in ‘C’ shape on your cheekbones, starting from the temples and going inwards. 
  • Since diamond faces have a narrower hairline, highlight your forehead – especially the portion between your brows and blend super well. 
  • Use a bronzer to enhance your cheekbones or contour just under them. You can also do the same on your chin to highlight it. 


Identify your face shape with the references mentioned in this article or a quick search on the internet and watch your specific makeup type do wonders for it. Whether you’re looking for a razor sharp jawline or naturally rosy cheeks, we’ve spilled all the tips and tricks you’ll need. No matter what shape your face is, these techniques will help you achieve the best look. Try them out and share the results with us! 

Meghana Ganeshan

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