8 best retinol serums in India we swear by

8 best retinol serums in India we swear by

January 17th, 2022 | by

To stay bold and beautiful in life is what we all desire, isn’t it? We go the extra mile to do everything it takes to look and feel our best. But with time, our age catches up, and so does aging skin. It’s inevitable, but does it also have to be daunting? Our answer was and will always be “NEVER”. If we must age, we might as well age like fine wine, and for that all we need to do is add some magic to our skincare routine. Magic in the form of retinol serum and cream.

What are retinol serums, anyway?

Retinol is considered to be a miracle worker, a derivative of Vitamin A that is used in face creams and serums. Known to revive the youthfulness and radiance of your skin, retinol serums also help boost skin cell regeneration, thereby reducing signs of aging. They contain minimum ingredients to target specific issues with no side effects. What’s more? Retinol serums are said to work miraculously on acne as well!

But as you let the serum work its wonders, make sure you stick to a healthy lifestyle too. Skincare is as much of an inside job as it is outside.  Maintain a consistent diet, workout regularly, and add a retinol serum to your regimen for that graceful, youthful charm, year on year. The market is teemed, so we took it upon us to find you the best retinol serums and creams in India.

Here’s a list of the top 8 best retinol serums carefully curated for you.

1. St. Botanica Retinol 2.5% Anti Ageing Face Serum

Fret no more thinking of fine lines, uneven skin tone and dull skin. St. Botanica Retinol 2.5% Anti Ageing Face Serum is here to the rescue! This product is loaded with the ideal and essential ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, retinol and vitamin E, which help revive and rejuvenate your skin.

Why we love it?

We love this serum because it does more than magic; it maintains the youthful elasticity of your skin, keeping the moisture perfectly locked in, thanks to the hyaluronic acid! Vitamin E on the other hand protects skin from the damage of free radicals.

2. The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane

Known for its stability, the Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane is a water-based formula. Standing true to its purity, the 1% retinol content in this serum could be slightly strong for beginners. This serum is advised for those who are used to retinol serums and creams.

Why we love it?

This serum is a soulmate for all vegans out there. It not only reduces the appearance of fine lines but also refines skin and reduces scars.

3. Mamaearth Retinol Night Face Serum

Filled with the goodness of Bakuchi and retinol, Mamaearth Retinol Night Face Serum is the ideal retinol for the face. It takes care of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, reduces fine lines and is rich in antioxidants, giving you the flawless and youthful skin you desire.

Why we love it?

It’s non-sticky, has a mild fresh fragrance and highly moisturises the skin. Also known to be safe and suitable for all skin types.

4. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair

Unlike any other retinol serum, the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair claims to give you smooth skin in a single day and younger-looking skin in one week. Filled with the goodness of glucose complex, a Retinol SA booster, this facial serum helps improve skin’s texture and get rid of fine lines. 

Why we love it?

It is among the trusted brands recommended by most dermatologists. Apart from fighting wrinkles, dullness and fine lines, it also diminishes dark spots. This serum works wonders for all skin types and is undoubtedly one of the best retinol serums in India.

5. WOW Retinol Face Serum

This serum is packed with the goodness of retinol derived from vitamin A. It’s additionally infused with aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, Witch hazel extracts, vitamin B3 & E. Get the benefits of anti-acne, anti-ageing and skin restoration – all in one little bottle!

Why we love it?

It’s made in the Himalayas! Something so pure about that. This serum is suitable for all skin types and is 100% vegan. The holy combination of ingredients purify the skin, help reduce acne breakouts and hydrate the skin from within, all while being gluten-free and cruelty-free!

6. Olay Regenerist Retinol 24

This serum promises you smoother and glowing skin. Apart from keeping your skin hydrated, it reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Suitable for all skin types, this retinol is scientifically proven to show a difference and reduce signs of aging in about 28 days. It’s Olay! Do we need to say more?

Why we love it?

Firstly, its fancy packaging! This serum can be used daily and keeps your skin hydrated for 24 hours. Its trademarked Niacinamide and Retinol24 Complex renews skin, making for an ideal skin ageing serum.

7. Dot & Key Collagen Restorative Retinol Serum

This anti-ageing serum helps to repair skin and is suitable for 28+ years. It keeps the firmness of the skin intact making it softer and plumper. Filled with the goodness of antioxidants, this serum makes you look and feel fresh. It helps get rid of dead cells and fights hyperpigmentation. Another magical ingredient used in this product is Rosehip oil, which is rich in vitamin A.

Why we love it?

This serum is easy to use, all you need is a few drops to do the trick. The perfect blend of ingredients leaves you with plump, soft and bouncy skin. It is free of nasties and safe to use on all skin types.

8. Earth Rhythm Retinol Serum

Used to minimise the signs of ageing, this serum consists of Vitamin C that boosts collagen production, giving you a fresh, natural glow. Salicylic acid unclogs pores from layers under the skin to prevent the formation of acne, while hyaluronic acid hydrates and retains the moisture within the skin.

Why we love it?

36% of users claimed that this serum reduces roughness and gets rid of fine lines in 42 days. Its pump-like bottle makes it easy to use and is suitable for all skin types. It works wonders even when exposed to light and oxygen. The storage is also not a problem as it does not degenerate.

Remember a few things before you pick the ideal retinol serum. Always make sure you check for your skin type and only then take a pick. Get one that is loaded with actives to target your specific skin problem. Look for key ingredients in the serum before you buy it. Also, check for reviews and read up basic information about the serum or cream before you add it to the cart.

Last but not the least, we are talking about a very potent product here. If you are a first-time user, it is advised to speak to your dermatologist on how to introduce the serum into your routine. If you are acquainted with the workings of this magic potion, go ahead and take your pick from the above-mentioned top 8 best retinol serums in India.

Tips on how to use retinol, on an endnote:

  • Make sure you wash your face thoroughly with a mild face wash.
  • Apply a few drops on your palm and spread it evenly on your face.
  • Let the serum soak into your skin.
  • Follow up with a moisturiser.

Rashi Girdher